December 3, 2013

D-Kimia expands to further support North American Market

December 3, 2013,

NEW YORK - D-Kimia Diagnostic Solutions announces the opening of its offices in New York to support its growing partnerships with US diagnostic labs and further develop its companion testing solutions with major anti-viral treatments.

Hepatitis C (HCV) affects an estimated 5 million Americans and there is a growing concern of a much larger undiagnosed population. The CDC now recommends all baby boomers receive a one time Hepatitis C test to help manage the disease. “We are excited to work more closely with key lab partners to develop a highly sensitive diagnostic for HCV genotype 1 which is prevalent in the United States” said Dr. Azzazy, Chief Scientist at D-Kimia.

"Our presence in New York will help further our collaboration with major US labs and pharmaceuticals to rapidly bring to market new solutions for effective and affordable diagnostics for major infectious diseases” added Karim Hussein, CEO of D-Kimia.

About D-Kimia Diagnostic Solutions:
D-Kimia develops novel diagnostic solutions to detect a broad range of diseases by targeting the nucleic acid signature of the disease. D-Kimia’s diagnostic solutions are rapid, affordable and simple to use and provide the same level of specificity as advanced real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and other amplification based approaches. D-Kimia’s initial products target the Hepatitis C virus with additional products under development for the rapid detection of Tuberculosis and Acinetobacter.